11 Best Lithium Stocks To Buy Now

Revenues for the firm have catapulted from $2.4 billion in 2013 to a jaw-dropping $7.3 billion in 2022. More importantly, it’s growing its business profitably, with its 5-year average net income margin at over 14%. Over 70% of its holdings boast market caps of $10 billion or more, with the bulk of its holdings in basic materials, followed by consumer cyclical and industrial markets.

  • While investment decisions depend on an individual’s preference, risk tolerance, and investing time horizon, the sheer magnitude of the green energy movement is enough to warrant serious interest.
  • The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates significantly, which has contributed to the overall declines in the stock market as a whole.
  • If the company continues mining lithium in 2022 as expected without any interruption, this price could see a massive spike.
  • Moreover, SQM stock dropped a whopping 18.6% on the Chilean lithium industry nationalization news, compared with Albemarle stock’s 10% decline.
  • Electric vehicle sales have also exhibited impressive year-over-year growth, with global sales so far, up 40% from last year.
  • Given the ups and downs in lithium production, keep any investment in this niche of the mining and chemicals industry small, and stay focused on the long term.

But for EVs to become more mainstream, more charging infrastructure and battery technology advancements are needed . For manufacturers, price and demand for lithium goods are important, but so is the quality of their products. If you’re curious what screens might be valuable when choosing lithium stocks, you could start by reviewing the screening process we used to create this list. Investing in lithium stocks is the same as investing in any other kind of stock. First, you’ll want to do your proper due diligence to know which lithium stocks you want to own. This can be accomplished with the help of a number of free and/or paid websites where investors can set up screens to help them select stocks.

What are the Best Lithium Stocks to Buy Now?

Freyr also has a recent contract with Honeywell to provide 19 gigawatt-hours worth of batteries between 2023 and 2030. This Norway-based battery manufacturer is an emerging force in the next-generation EV battery-production market, but the company isn’t expected to really get the ball rolling until 2024 or 2025. By then, it will have completed its needed manufacturing plants and can start full production using battery technology offered by 24M, a spinout from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The funding should help LAC expand one of the world’s potentially richest lithium deposits on land at the Nevada-Oregon border. The Lithium Americas-owned tract reportedly could hold 20 million to 40 million metric tons of lithium. That should be good news for Lithium Americas, which recently split into a pair of independent businesses, signaling a new journey for LAC and its investors.

  • One reason points to the weak economy in China, the leading market for lithium.
  • This is one reason why there is a growing consensus that hard-rock lithium operations are more suitable for supplying the electric vehicle market.
  • Currently, Tesla has a contract with Ganfeng Lithium until the end of 2024.
  • If approved, this will be the largest largest-ever loan for a mining company.
  • While there may be an excess supply of lithium raw material in the near future, there could be a potential shortage of lithium afterwards.

Net income, for example, came in at $3.9 billion in 2022, a nearly three-fold increase from the $585.5 million raked in for 2021. Total revenues jumped to $10.7 billion from $2.9 billion year over year. Better, SQM is bullish on lithium, expecting demand to reach about 1.5 million tonnes by 2025.

The company has also signed an offtake agreement for raw lithium with General Motors (GM -2.18%). To help narrow the gap with leaders in the lithium market, Livent is in process of merging with Australian lithium mining company Allkem (OROCF -1.81%). Chile’s pending nationalization of the lithium industry could pose risks for SQM shareholders, though. The company is currently highly reliant on Chile, and it remains to be seen how alvexo forex broker state control of lithium (if implemented at all) would affect SQM’s ability to generate a profit. On the other side of the Pacific, Ganfeng Lithium dominates as China’s largest producer of base materials for lithium battery manufacturing. Given the sheer size of China’s population (1.4 billion) and the rapid rise in EV sales, Ganfeng is well positioned as a top supplier to EV manufacturers based in China as well as to U.S.

While still not profitable, several charging network companies are experiencing sharp revenue growth. The below table shows year-over-year growth for the first nine months of 2021 for ChargePoint Holdings (CHPT -3.91%), Volta Charging (VLTA), EVgo (EVGO -1.71%), and Blink Charging (BLNK -1.61%). As I wrote in a prior piece, Albemarle’s operations in Chile were scrutinized by market watchers when Chile’s government crafted plans to increase its involvement in the lithium mining sector. The reaction by the market was largely overblown and created a great opportunity for patient investors at the time.

The 7 Best Lithium Stocks to Buy Now

Despite this, Deutsche Bank analyst David Begleiter reiterated his Buy rating for the stock with a $190 price target. The analyst believes the market overreacted to the guidance and Albemarle’s bullish thesis remains intact. In either scenario, a shared thread among most growing businesses is elevated volatility. Discounted cash flow analysis treats volatility as risk, and value is subtracted from the business. Option analysis treats volatility as an opportunity and rewards the potential asymmetry. Growth investors frequently think in terms of options, traditional value more in terms of cashflows.

Unlike Livent and Albemarle, which turned in strong Q1 results, SQM’s Q1 results were disappointing. SQM’s adjusted earnings per share fell 6% year over year, while Livent’s and Albemarle’s adjusted EPS rocketed 186% and 334%, respectively. This new entity will own Lithium Americas’ interests in Argentina while enabling Lithium Americas to focus on the Thacker Pass lithium site. The Thacker project already has tremendous potential, with 16.1 million tons of battery-grade lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) available for extraction.

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As an overview, Aker is a provider of product, services, and solutions in the carbon capture technology business. Among the positives, the AKCCF’s revenue has been in an uptrend on a quarter-on-quarter best 15 niche places to find developers online basis. While EBITDA remains negative, it’s not a concern with the Company investing in R&D, sales, and tendering activity. And that dream is realistic with a proper investment strategy and patience.

What is lithium used for?

Beyond lithium, Albemarle produces bromines and catalysts used in several industries. Although many only view electric cars as the driving force behind the impending lithium boom, there are countless applications. Lithium is mined in many places, but China mines about half of the world’s lithium. “PLL tickmill review offers a pure-play emerging expression on the proliferation of the U.S. battery supply chain that is underappreciated in our view,” Deckelbaum added. Despite this setback, Scotiabank analyst Ben Isaacson is bullish about LAC and believes it “has all the ingredients to outperform its peers in 2023.”

Best Lithium Battery Stocks

The lithium market saw a bumpy start to the year, with prices plummeting and stocks taking a hit. However, amidst the chaos, savvy investors are looking for the best lithium stocks to buy at a substantial bargain. After all, lithium-ion batteries are crucial to powering our journey towards a cleaner future as the electric vehicle market expands. Argentina may host its source of lithium, but Livent sells the majority of its product in Asia, which accounts for more than half of the company’s revenue.

Best Lithium Mining Stocks

Moreover, the ETF offers a competitive expense ratio of 0.59% and a generous quarterly dividend of 48 cents per share. The analyst’s outlook is also supported by Albemarle’s expectation that there is likely to be a deficit of 800,000 tons of lithium at the end of this decade. Additionally, lithium prices have jumped ninefold in the past three years, according to a Benchmark Mineral Intelligence report. At the end of the fourth quarter, there were 20 hedge funds in Insider Monkey’s database that held stakes in Livent Corporation.

With demand for all of these products surging, so is the demand for lithium. It is building lithium extraction sites in Argentina with its partner Ganfeng Lithium. It completed a feasibility study on another site in northern Nevada, and has begun construction there.

Lithium Americas’ Thacker Pass operation in Nevada is the largest-known lithium resource in the U.S. This project has yet to start operations as there is a hearing going on over the legality of former President Donald Trump’s 2021 approval of the mine. Earlier this month, a U.S. judge stated that she would issue a ruling “in the next couple of months.” The other will be Lithium Americas (NewCO), a North America-focused lithium firm that will own the Thacker Pass lithium project in Humboldt County, Nevada, as well as LAC’s other North American investments.

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